Luxury Antiques Market

50 exhibitors (private and boutiques) gathered during the first Saturday of October in the exhibition spaces and the garden of the Hotel, selling luxury vintage goods.

It was a day dedicated to the exhibition and sale of rare and curious items (the letter of Marie Antoinette before her death, the cigars box belonged to Winston Churchill, medieval Samurai weapons, paintings and fashion etc.).

Considering its enormous success, the event will be repeated before Christmas on the 8th od December.

A part of the sums collected with the sales was designated to charitable purposes.

The French daily newspaper Nice Matin dedicated some good articles to the event.



The "Davos" of the Catholic Film in our hotel

The leaders of the Catholic cinema world has gathered in the beautiful Belle Epoque conference rooms of our hotel.

The occasion was the Summit called "The Catholic film and its place in the film industry", organized by the Caficom (Catholic Film International Content Market), and derived from Mirabile Dictu, the International Catholic Film Festival.

Producers, distributors and broadcasters from 12 countries spent two days in workshops, round tables and film screenings. They analyzed the importance of their Catholic film productions (also called "ethical films"), as a means of evangelization but also as an important reality in the film industry.

The event will become a yearly one.